All the flavour of the world in an empanada
from Argentina to the World.

Empanadas are an icon of Argentine gastronomy. Each region has its own flavours, tastes and styles.

And then, well, then there are the Empanadas La Susy, made from a secret recipe from our mother, an example of work, an incredible human being, in short, our flesh and blood heroine.

The big secret has always been: ¡love, seriousness and a pinch of... we cannot reveal!
Enjoy them!

Empanadas La Susy: Since 1937
Who are we?

We are 2 of Susy's 6 children. We were born among pots, pans and EMPANADAS. Probably the first thing we learned to make were empanadas perched on a wooden box to make it to the table.

She was (¡and still is!) our master, our biggest inspiration, our best example, besides of course being our mother. From her we learned respect for ingredients and a love for cooking.

Susy was always a very particular hostess: her clients were an extension and part of the family, and that's how we also feel them at the table of our restaurants. The love and passion for cooking that we inherited from her makes it so that for us cooking is not a job, but a pleasure.

Chakall and Silvina, Susy's youngest children, two dreamers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Always with a smile on their faces, creative and always with new ideas. We are fascinated by challenges and this is perhaps one of the most special (and personal) to date.

Who is La Susy?

Susana Maria Fisch - or Susy, as her family affectionately calls her - was born in a small town in Buenos Aires in 1937.

Mother of 6 children. Grandmother of 13 grandchildren.

Tireless worker, a true fortress, with golden hands for cooking. Her talent with the pots, a true dance of ingredients transformed into fabulous dishes.

In addition to being a tope time cook, she was, in her time, a great catering businesswoman and led great teams.

A lifetime of sacrifice to give her children the best she could. Often mother and father at the same time, she was always a hard-working woman and a great example.

Endless hours of work, always with an inexhaustible energy. A woman of firm character and strong personality, but caring and very resilient. A life of joys, but also of many challenges and many tears, a woman ahead of her time. A life lesson for all those around her, an example that every day of our lives is a new opportunity to start again and again.

The perfect hostess at the huge tables of her restaurants full of friends and family always with empanadas to accompany and fill our weekends.

What about the Empanadas La Susy?

As well as a special tribute, our empanadas are inspired by the world, this great "home" we inhabit. From the Argentinean traditions that fill our childhood memories, to the emotions that awaken us, to the memories of many trips around the world.

We create flavours with the best ingredients of the West of Portugal where we have our production unit. We take advantage of the richness that this land gives us and convert it into nutritious and unique fillings.

We want the flavour and aromas of each empanada to be, in fact, a journey of the senses.

All the flavour of the world in an empanada
from Argentina to the World.
Where do we want to go?

La Susy

The EMPANADA revolution!

It is an icon of Argentinean cuisine.

Argentina is known abroad for its meat, but at home it is even better known for its empanadas.

Because of its versatility it can be eaten anywhere, hot or cold. It can be eaten with family, friends or at work.

We are preparing the franchising at European level.

Basically, we produce the best Argentinean empanada in the world and we say this without fear!

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